Ots ldc bs-09 past paper 2019


Ots ldc bs-09 past paper 2019 

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Ots ldc,udc,fia constable past paper with Answers 

1) The Angel who is said to be incharge of taking life of living creatures_____
Ans:Hazrat Izraeel 
2) When was born Rabiya Basry (RB)?
Ans:95 AH
3) Jizya means_____
Ans:Religious Tax 
4) Hazrat Ali Martyred at the age of____
5) On which of the following occasion Muslim offer “Namaz e Kausuf”?
Ans:At the time of eclipse of sun 
6) Which prophet called Adam e Sani (Abul Bashar)?
Ans: Hazrat Nooh  (A.S)
7) The first Ummyed caliph was______ 
Ans:Ameer Muawiya 
8) Whose nation was destroyed by a  rain of stones ?
Ans: Hazrat Loot A.s
9) The shortest Suraah in the Holy Quraan is?
Ans: Surah Al kausar (الکوثر )
10) Hazrat Nooh( A.s) remained in the boat for about six month .where had his boat stopped?
11) Total number of Madni Surah is___ 
Ans: 28  (Maki Surah 86)
12) After sleeping for a 100 years he again woke up .
Ans: Hazrat Uzair A.S 
13) How many rukus are there in Surah Bakra?
Ans: 40 ( Total Ayat 286) 
14) Hazrat Yousuf As remaind in  well  for ____
Ans: 3 days 
15) Under the Islamic law of inheritance what would be the share of the wife from husband’s properity in the presence of children ?
Ans: 1/8( one eight)
16) How many rivers flow in balochistan?
Ans: 7 ( seven)
17) When Pakistan became the nuclear power?
Ans:May 28 ,1998 
18) Which is the national bird of Pakistan ?
Ans: Chakor( Animal Markhoor)
19) When people’s party formed by Zulfaqqar Ali Bhutto ?
Ans: 1967 
20) K-2 (Godon Astin) is present in which mountain range?
Ans: koh Korakram
21) When Mulana Muhammad Ali Johar issued Hamdarad Newspaper?
Ans:1913 (Dehli)
22) Name the pass which connects Abbotabad and gilgiat? 
Ans: Babusar pass 
23) In 1974____ summit of the OIC was held at Lahore?
24) Monjo Daro is situated in ?
Ans: Punjab 
25) In 1916 Muslim League and congress for the 1st time held their joint session in____
Ans: Kcucknow
26) What is the total length of Khyber Pass?
Ans: 53 Km
27) Quied e Azam inaugurated state Bank of Pakistan ?
Ans: 1st July 1948 
28) 1979 a new province established? 
Ans: Balochistan 
29) When Pakistan joined ILO as a member ?
Ans: 1947 
30) In which year boundary agreement was signed between Pakistan and China? 
Ans: March 1963 
31) What is the height of Takht e salmania Peak?
Ans: 3500 meters 
32) How many desrts in Punjab?
Ans: 2 (Chulistan& Thal)
33) Which range separates Balochistan Plateaue from Afghanistan ?
34) What is the duration of National Antham of Pakistan ?
Ans: 80 seconds (1 minute 20 second) 
35) What is the friendly desert?
Ans: Sahara
36) What is nationality of J. K Rowling Athor of Harry potter?
Ans: British 
37) In which year Hailry Clinton contestied presidential elections?
Ans: 2016 
38) With which country India deals to purchases Rafel fighter Jets ?
Ans: France 
39) Daylight saving times (DST) a sysytem for uniformly advancing clock speacially in summer began during?
Ans: world war I
40) Our body needs Vitamen D.?
Ans: proper absorption of calcium, Stored in bones, Health Skin,Immune sysytem Health 
41) Inner core is earth’s centre with diameter of :
Ans:1200 Miles (2442KM)
FIA -LDC (BS-09)
Test date: 29-09-2019
Testing Agency: OTS.
Q1. Length of Khyber pass? 53 KM
Q2. National anthem duration? 80 seconds.
Q3. When was Pakistan Peoples Party formed. ? 1967
Q4. Which province was established in 1970. 
Q5. Nationality of JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter.? British
Q6. Obligatory means.? Compulsory 

Q7. Spelling: Unanimous
Q8. Spelling: Xylophone.
Q9. Spelling: Loyalty
Q10. Gloomy means. ? Sad
Q11. No prosecution shall be instituted without the consultation of ? Law and Justice division
Q.12. Friendly desert.? Thar
Q.13. When Pakistan joined ILO ? 1947
Q.14. How many deserts in Punjab ? 2
Q.15. MFN stands for ? Most favoured Nation
Q.16. Secretariat instructions were issued in? 2004.
Q.17 Hilary Clinton contested for presidential elections in ? 2016.
Q. 18. UNO Came into existence in ? 24 October 1995.
Q.19. How Many Ruku in Surah e Baqarah.? 40.
Q.20. When Namaz e kusuf is offered ? Solar eclipse.
Q.21 third kalma is named as ? Tamjeed.
Q.22. Third source of Islamic fiqh? Ijma.
Q.23 country having three capitals? South Africa.
Q.24. Jizya means ? Tax paid by non-Muslim population to their muslic Rulers instead of Zakat.
Q.25. Defer means ? Delay/postpone.
Q26. Old name of Ankara? Angora.
Q.27. Peace palace Hague in netherland is famous for ? International Court of Justice 
Q. 28. When did pakistan signed a boundary agreement with china ? 1963.

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