How to attempt properly Urdu paper?


How to attempt properly Urdu paper? 

Hello Dear Students, How to attempt attractive Urdu paper of 9th,10th,11th,12th class? How to gets high marks in Urdu paper?

Looking for the Matriculation /Fsc  9th,10th class Urdu model paper? Here are given complete method of Urdu paper that how to attempt beautiful Urdu paper.

In this era,every Student would the getting full marks in Urdu paper annual board exams but not achieved . Competition is going to higher to higher .If the marks comes little then admission in Govt. Colleges are not possible so, we are going to tell complete in this article , How to attempt properly Urdu paper in board exam?.


There are following methods of attempt ing Urdu paper:

1) Make Hand ✋ writing Good
2) Paper will be properly prepare
3) Use the blue pen and blue marker
4) Use the clean paper sheet
5) Start the paper in right side
6) Draw the margin Line in right and left side of paper
7) After write the any question answer, draw the small line below
8) First of all write the Siyaqo_Sabaq ,put the Quotation, poetry
9) Then write summary menas khulasa of leeson
10) When write tashreeh of Nazam,Ghazalas then put the Quotation and poetry

All these above methods are given in PDF file, see demo below

Download this PDF file and more learn How to attempt Urdu paper?

Click Here

Hopefully, Understand our easy method ,If you are adopted these methods,then will be getting high marks .Any question please contact or comments us. thanks for visiting best place “24ilm”


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