Matric 10th Chemistry Guess Paper 2020-Chemistry Guess Paper 10th Class 2020

Matric 10th Chemistry Guess Paper 2020-Chemistry Guess Paper 10th Class 2020

Chemistry Guess Paper

If you are looking for the important and new Matric 10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2020 Urdu Medium and English Medium, you have made a good decision to visit this website because we have uploaded the very important Chemistry  Guess Paper of 10th Class 2020 in this page.Our main goal to get all the students to get good marks in annual Board of intermediate and secondary education 10th class examination and to light up their name.Here are available  Class 10 Chemistry Guess Paper 2020 and Board Paper.

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2020

10th Class Chemistry Guess paper 2020 are prepared for all Punjab Boards(Bise Faisalabad Board,Bise Lahore Board, Bise Multan Board,Bise Rawalpindi Board,Bise Sahiwal Board,Bise Sargodha Board,Bise D.G Khan Board, Bise Bahawalpur Board and Bise Gujranwala Board Chemistry Guess paper of 10th class 2020)

Prepare this 10th Class Guess Paper 2020 yourself under these guess papers because these question papers will be valid for the Annual Examination of the session. You don’t need to search for guess papers in other sites. You can view the 10th
class Chemistry guess paper 2020. We will provide you all the information and updates related to the Metric 10th Class. Students spend a lot of money on buying guess papers. Below are mentioned without charges some important fr guess syllabus Chemistry guess paper 2020 class 10.


These Essays are most important of Urdu guess paper of 8 class 2020

Matric 10th Class Chemistry important Long Questions

These Long Questions are most important of Chemistry guess paper of 10th Class English Medium 2020

➤Law of mass action
➤characteristics of dynamic equilibrium
➤Equilibrium constant and its equation
➤properties of acids and basis
➤methods of salt preparation and uses
homologous series
➤preparation of alkenes, alkanes through various methods
➤methods for removing temporary and permanent hardness of water
➤effects of acid rain, its causes
➤source of proteins and their importance/uses
➤types and sources of pollutants
➤ozone depletion, its causes, and effects
➤classification of organic compounds
process of urea manufacturing

Matric 10th class chemistry guess paper in Urdu medium

Important Long Questions in Urdu

ما س ایکشن کے قوانین
ڈائنامک ایکوی لبریم کی خصوصیات
ایکوی لبریم کونسٹنٹ اور اس کی مساوات
ایسڈز اور بیسز کا لیویس کا نظریہ
ایسڈز اور بیسز کی تیاری اور خصوصیات
سالتس کی تیاری کے طریقے اور استعمالات
ہومو لوگس سیریز
الکینز اور الکینز کی تیاری کے طریقے اور ان کا صنعت مینں استعمال
پانی کی ٹمپریری اور مستقل ہارڈنیس ختم کرنے کے طریقے
ایسڈ رین کی وجو ہات اور اس کے اثرات
پروٹین کے ذرائع اور ان کا ستعمال
پولیٹنٹس کے زرائع
اوزون کی تباہی کی وجوہات اور اثرات
آگینک کمپاؤنڈز کے درجہ بندی
یوریا کی تیاری کا طریقہ اور مراحل


End of the Exercise

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