9th Class English Short Questions Answers pdf Chapter 3 Media And its Impact


9th class english short questions chapter 3 Media and its Impact

Dear Students, If You are searching 9th Class English Chapter No 3ShortQuestions with answers in pdf? Here are 9th Class English Short Question Answer Lesson No 3 (Media and its Impact) are given below with detail.

9th Class English Notes Short Questions Answers

These English Short Questions for 9th Class are prepared with simple so, 9th Class English Students Easily learn in their mind.
  9th Class English Short Questions Answers pdf Chapter 3 Media And its Impact
Media and its Impact

Chapter No 3. Media and its Impact:

Q.1: What is the most important function that media performs? 
The most important function of the media is its role as the most powerful device of communication. 

Q.2: What are the two major means of communication? 

 The two major means of communication are electronic media and print media. 
Q.3: How does media provide entertainment? 
Media entertains us by showing films, plays, by playing music, by stories and funny things, etc. 

Q.4: What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked? 
 If media is allowed to play its role unchecked, the mean, selfish and business-minded persons would try to exploit common men using it dishonestly. 

Q.5: Give three reasons in support of your favorite T.V program.
 I like news program because: (i). It provides important information. (ii). It makes us aware of changing circumstances. (iii). It provides us entertainment by showing interesting incidents.
Q.6: What type of information does it provide? 
Media makes us aware of important incidents and realities of our daily life. 
Q.7: Is T.V. taking away the habit of reading? 
 Yes, it is taking away the habit of reading. 
Q.8: Which is your favorite TV program? Why? 
 Javed Chaudhery’s program ‘Kal Tak’ is my favorite program because it is informative, logical and factual program.

9th Class English Short Questions Answers Pdf 

Students also read and download 9th Class English Short Questions Answers in pdf file.These English Short Questions The Media and its Impact are taken from Punjab text book board. In this lesson are mentioned,How much role in media in our society and its effect.

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