Goodbye Mr. Chips important questions answers notes for 12th Class English pdf part 3

Goodbye Mr. Chips important questions answers notes for 12th Class English pdf part 3

Here are Goodbye Mr. Chips important questions answers notes for 12th Class English pdf file part 3.Here are question answers notes for Goodbye Mr. Chips for 12th class FA, and FSc students written by James Hilton. These Good bye Mr.Chips notes are for all punjab boards Second Year students.

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Mr.Chips notes

(Good Bye Mr.Chips Important Questions)

Short Questions and their answers part (iii)

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What was the April foolery Chips faced?
On 1st April 1898, while he was staying at his desk, someone said that there were letters for him. He opened them one by one. All the letters contained a blank sheet of paper. He thought that it was strange.

How did Katherine urge Chips to forgive the students for their mistakes?
She urged Chips to give them a chance. She asked him to talk to them and they would be all right. She asked him to tell them that they would be punished if they repeated the mistake.

How did Ralston look?
He was a young man of thirty-seven. He was glittering with Firsts and Blues. He had a personality that could reduce the Big Hall to silence by the mere lifting of an eyebrow.

What duty was assigned to the boys of Brookfield when the railwaymen were on strike?
The railwaymen were on strike. The soldiers were driving the engines. Stones were being thrown at trains. The boys of Brookfield were asked to guard the railway line.

When did Chips become the acting head of Brookfield?
Meldrum had succeeded Wetherby as Head and held the office for thirty years. In 1900, He died suddenly from Pneumonia and Chips became the Acting Head of Brookfield.

Did Ralston know Brookfield and its traditions?
No, he knew neither Brookfield nor its traditions. He could estimate neither the toughness of Brookfield’s tradition nor its readiness to defend itself and its defenders.

What sort of person was Ralston?
He was ruthless, ambitious, energetic and a fine power-transmitter.

How did people come to know about the quarrel between Ralston and Chips?

A small boy, who was waiting outside to see Ralston, heard the entire row between the two. He told his friends about it and the boys conveyed the news to their parents. Soon the news spread around.

What allegations did Ralston put on Chips?
Ralston said that Chip’s methods of teaching were old and lazy and his personal habits were slovenly. He blamed him that he ignored his instructions, which was rank insubordination.

What did Chips say in the farewell speech?
In the speech, he made many little jokes. There were several Latin quotations in it. There was also a reference to the Captain of the School who had overstated Chip’s services.

Who was the successor of Ralston and what kind of man was he?

Chatteris was the successor of Ralston. He was modern, friendly and sympathetic. He wisely accepted Chips. Chips also liked him much.

When / why did Ralston leave Brookfield?

Ralston left Brookfield in 1911 to better himself. He was offered the headship of one of the greater public schools.

What happened to Chips in 1913? OR Why did Chips retire? OR At what age chips retired?

In 1913, Chips had bronchitis and was off duty for nearly the whole of the winter term. This made him decide to resign. Then he was sixty-five.

What were the activities of Chips after his retirement?

He invited boys to tea, watched matches, dined with the Head and the masters took on the preparation of the new edition of Brookfeldian Directory, wrote articles and read newspaper and detective novels.

When did Chips receive his farewell party?

At the final end-of-term dinner, in July 1913, he received his farewell party. He also made a speech there.

How did Chips feel when Chatteris told him about his problems and disease?
Chips had not known anything about him. When he learnt that Chatteris was ill with diabetes and over-worked, he was shocked because Chips liked him.

What did Chatteris read out on every Sunday night during the war?

On every Sunday night, after evening service, Chatteris read out the names of the old boys who were killed in the war. He also told their short biographies were a very moving sight.

Write a brief note on Mr.Chatteris?

Chatteris succeeded Ralston. He was a young man of thirty-four. He was suffering from diabetes. He had to work until midnight. He fell ill and died in April 1917.

Write a brief note on Mr. Merivale?
Mr. Merivale was Chip’s doctor. He visited Chips every fortnight or so. He would often say that Chips was fitter than he. He called Chips a remarkable old boy. He said that Chips had got no disease except old age. He said that Chips would die a natural death.

When / how did Chips perform as the head of Brookfield? (second headship)

He worked as Head in 1917 and 1918. He handled problems and dealt with complaints and requests. He became very kind, gentle and confident. He kept the sense of proportion.

How did Chips feel when he rejoined Brookfield?
Ans: He felt very fit. The actual work was not tiring him. He felt very happy. For the first time in his life, he felt necessary to Brookfield.

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