Important Fasting MCQs pdf for Jobs


 Important Fasting Mcqs pdf for Jobs

Here are given Very important fasting (Saom) Islamic study MCQs for all jobs test ,PPSC Islamic Study MCQs , NTS Islamic Study MCQs , OTS Islamic Study MCQs , PTS Islamic Study MCQs , FPSC Islamic Study MCQs ,MES Islamic Study MCQs most Islamiat MCQs Repeated in pdf.
Fasting MCQs

Fasting MCQs Solved All :

Read below carefully and note these Fast MCQs for job test preparation.
 • Fast means to stop. 
 • Fasting made obligatory in 2nd A.H .
 • Fasting is commanded in al-Bakarah. 
 • Feed 60 people is the atonement for breaking the fast or sixty sontinuous fasts.. 
 • Bab-ul-Riayan is the door for fast observing people.
 • Tarrawih means to rest. 
 • Battle of Badr was fought in very first of Ramzan on 17th.
 • Umar arranged the Namaz-e-Tarrawih. 
 • Month of Ramzan is known as Sayeed us Shahoor
 • Five days are forbidden for fasting throughout the year.
 • Wajib means ordained
 • 1st Ashra of Ramzan=Ashra-e-Rehmat. 
 • 2nd Ashra=Ashra-e-Maghfirat. 
 • 3rd Ashra=Ashra-e-Nijat.
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