9th Class English Short Questions Answers Chapter 6 The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan


9th Class English Short Questions Answers Chapter 6 The Quaid's Vision and Pakistan

9th Class English Short Questions Answers Chapter 6 The Quid’s Vision and Pakistan :

Dear Students, If You are looking Matric part 1 9th Class English Chapter No 6 Short Questions with answers in pdf? Here are 9th Class English Short Question Answer Lesson No 6 (The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan) are given below with detail. These Questions are very important to a board point.

9th Class English Notes Short Questions Answers

These English Short Questions for 9th Class are prepared with simple so, 9th Class English Students Easily learn in their mind. The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan lesson is about Quaid e Azam dream to develop Pakistan, How to develop Pakistan.

  Unit No 6: The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan

1. How much confidence did Quaid-e-Azam has in his nation?

Ans. The Quaid had great confidence in his nation. He knew that his people were made of

sterling material.

2. What was the Quaid’s concept of our nation?

Ans. The Quaid said that they were a nation with distinctive culture and culture. He said that

they had their own distinctive outlook on life.

3. What was the ideology of Pakistan in view of Quaid-e-Azam?

Ans. The ideology of the Quaid was based on the fundamental principle that they were an

independent nation and could not be merged with any other nation.

4. What can be the possible solution to our present problems?

Ans. We should forget our differences. We must work as a united nation. In this way, we can


solve our problems.

5. How can we become a strong nation?

Ans. We can become a strong nation by acting upon the golden rules and principles given to

us by our Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

9th Class English Short Questions Answers Pdf 

Students also read and download 9th Class English Short Questions Answers in pdf file .These English Short Questions The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan are taken from Punjab text book board exercise.

 Chapter No. 7): Sultan Ahmed Mosque

These English Notes The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan Short Questions Answers for all Punjab Boards Students. Our mission only to grow our  educational system in every field. These English notes are very helpful to the exam point.24ilm offered best and fresh notes according to Punjab Text Board Syllabus , carefully read these English Notes are given with to the point Answers. 

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