PPSC Data Entry Operator BS-12 Punjab Police Past Paper 2020

PPSC Data Entry Operator BS-12Punjab Police Past Paper 2020:

Are you looking PPSC Data Entry Operator Past paper 2020  for Punjab Police in pdf? In this page Data Entry Operator Paper of PPSC published. This PPSC Paper was conducted on 04-10 October-2020 at the exam center. PPSC Data Entry Operator is a BS-12 Scale job. If you are wanted to read and download also Data Entry Operator Past Papers 2020, so this page is for useful to Jobs exam Preparation.

PPSC Data Entry Operator BS-12 Syllabus:

1.    Islamic studies

2.    Current Affairs

3.    Pakistan Studies

4.    Mathematics

5.    Computer (MS Office, Basic Internet, Email)

6.    English   

PPSC Data Entry Operator Paper 2020 Solved :

Total MCQs are given in PPSC paper 100. Carefully read below ppsc mcqs with Answers. 

1.        The police force was first set up to maintain law and order in the Islamic States during the Caliphate of :

A) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)        B) Hazrat Usman (RA)

C) Hazrat Ali (RA)                    D) Hazrat Umar (RA)

2.        Which key on the keyboard can be used to view slideshow:

A) F1                                        B) F2

C) F5                                        D) All of these

3.        Which of the following EXCEL feature allows users to evaluate values and return a result?

A) Formula                              B) Formating

C) Filters                                   D) None of these

4.        When two people collaborate on an online document at the same time they are collaborating.

A) Cloud Edit                           B) By Tracking

C) Synecology                           D) All of these

5.        Which of the following is correct option for sending same letter to multiple persons?

A) Mail merge                          B) Macros

C) Templete                               D) Algorithm

6.        Which of the following hypertext language?

A) XML                                    B) HTML

C) WML                                    D) HTTP

7.        Which one of the following is the most powerful computer?

A) Personal Computer               B) Super Computer

C) Mobile Computer                 D) Power Computer       

8.        Ronaldo is a Brazilian retired professional player of ____.

A) Hockey                                   B) Basketball

C) Football                                 D) Tennis

9.        ” Youme-e-Takbeer” in Pakistan is celebrated on:

A) 5 September                            B) 16 December

C) 23 March                                 D) 28 May

10.        Complete the proverb “Make hay while the ________ shines”

A) Moon                                       B) Jupiter

C) Sun                                          D) Earth

11.        Fill in the black “Aslam is senior ________ me”

A) for                                            B) to

C) on                                             D) of

12.        Which of the following is Mozilla Firefox?

A) Antivirus software                   B) Web browser

C) URL                                         D) Code

13.        In computing, MB stands for:

A) More Bytes                `            B) Mega Bytes

C) Maximum Bytes                      D) Mega Bytes    

14.        The program compresses large files into a smaller file:

A) WinShrink program                B) WinZip program

C) WinStyle Program                   D) All of these

15.        Who is the youngest person in Pakistan to receive Nishan-i-Haider?

A) Captain Sarwar Shaheed          B) Hawaldar Lalk Jan

C) Lt.Rashid Minhas                  D) Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed

16.        The first to fly to space was :

A) Svet;ana Savitskaya                B) Sally Ride

C) Valentina Tereshkova           D) Jessica Watkins

17.        The Dead Sea located in:

A) Israel and Turkey                    B) Israel and Jordan

18.        The first network called:

A) CNNET                                    B) NSFNET

C) ASAPNT                                 D) ARPANET

19.        Who is the Current Chief justice of Pakistan?

A) Justice Mian Saqib Nisar        B) Justice Gulzar Ahmad

C) Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali  D) Justice Asif Saeed Khosa

20.        Who is the current minister of Human Rights in Pakistan.

A) Zubaida Jalal                            B) Fahmida Mirza

C) Ahsan Iqbal                              D) Shireenn Mazari  

21.        Who is the current Secretary General Of SAARC.

A) Ahmad Saleem                        B) Esala Rswean

C) Sheei kanat Sharam                 D) None of these

 22.        What lets you to create new presentation by selecting ready made font color and graphics effects in powerpoint .
A) Presentation Templates            B) Master Slide

C) Design Templates                   D) Animation

23.        Which program is generally used in architectural design.

A) Excel                                        B) Power Point

C) Auto CAD                               D) MS Word

24.        Electrons were discovered by.

A) Fyodoc Driolsky                      B) J.C Bose
C) J.J Thomson                           D) none

25.        when you delete a text box object from a slide in Power point presentation.

A) The object is deleted but text box and the text inside is left on the slide. B) The text box is deleted and the text is pasted on the slide.

C) The text box and text both are deleted                                                        D) None

26.        A computer on network is identified by its:

A) Mac Address                            B) Port Address

C) IP Address                              C) Location Address

27.        Who is the current speaker of the Provincial Assembly of sindh:

A) Murad Ali Shah                         B)Rehana Leghari

C) Agha Siraj Durrani                 D) None of these        

28.        Which of the following country is situated on Equator.

A) Maldeves                                  B) Gabon

C) Indonesia                                  D) All of these                                

29.        Which is the longest river of Pakistan.         

A) Ravi                                         B)Indus

C) Jehlum                                     D) Chenab         

30.        Nai  Gaj DAm is being constructed in which province of Pakistan.

A) Punjab                                     B) Sindh

C) KPK                                         D) Balochistan       

31.        Which one of the following is not a search engine.

A) google                                       B) MSN

C) Windows                                  D) Yahoo      

32.        When was the first session of the first constitutional Assembly of Pakistan held.

A) 11 August 1947                        B) 14 August 1947

C) 19 August 1947                        D) None of these

33.        Common methods of internet access by users include.

A) Broadband over coaxial cable   B) Fiber optics or copper wire

C) WIFI                                           D) All of these

34.        In MS Excel 2016, zoom level of a page can only be.

A) 10 percent to 300 percent           B) 5 percent to 100 percent

C) 10 percent to 400 percent         D) 5 percent to 200 percent      

35.        Which team won the Pakistan Super League 2018.

A) Quetta                                        B) Karachi

C) Peshawar                                    D) Islamabad

36.        In Internet terminology IP stands for:

A) Internet Protocol                     B) Internet Provider

C) Internet Procedure                     D) Internet Processor

37.        Karakoram Highway starts in Pakistan from.

A) Islamabad                                  B) Texila

C) Hassan Abdal                          D) None of these

38.        Which of the following is not used to access the web.

A) ISDN                                        B) Modem

C) UDP                                         D) DSL

38.        In MS Word “Delete” key deletes letters from the ____ side of curser.

A) Right                                       B) Up

C) Down                                       D) Left

39.        Which generation computers used transisters.

A) First generation                       B) Second generation

C) Third generation                     D) Fourth generation

40.        DOS cannot retrieve any data from a disk if a computer virus corrupts the.

A) Directory Area                       B) Data Area

C) BAT Files                               D) File Allocation Table

41.        Another name for free software is.

A) Encrypted Software               B) Copy Rights protected software

C) Customised software             D) Public Domain software

42.        In MS Excel to create a formula, you can use.

A) Cell references but not values  B) Cell reference but not values 

C) Values or cell references although not both at the same time

D) Value and cell references

43.        ROM Stands for.

A) Read only memory                  B) Read over memory

C) Read of Memory                       D) None of these

44.        All replied E-mail are stored in a__ folder.

A) Drafts                                        B) Inbox

C) Sent                                          D) None

45.        Rogar Federer is a famous player of:

A) Tennis                                       B) Golf

C) Football                                    C) Cricket

46.        What is an isthmus:
A) Narrow strip of land connecting two land areas

47.        In MS word 2016 to extend a slection to adjacent cells of the tables.

A) Hold down shift and press an arrow key repeatedly     B) Press Alt+A

C) Ctrl+Alt+H                                                                          D) None  of these

48.        Which one of the following areas in Pakistan is known for largest Iron Ore deposits?

A) Chitral                                        B) Kalabagh

C) Kohat                                          D) None of these

49.        Microsoft Office is a type of. 

A) System software                         B) Application software

C) Utilty software                            D) Firmware

50.        ___ users  can open MS Excel 2014 file at the same time.

A) 100                                              B) 50

C) 250                                              D) None of these  

51.        Mahraja Rajit Singh ruled Punjab for.       

A) 60 years                                      B) 50 years

C) 40 years                                     D) 20 years

52.        Which of the following is not a major reason for an email bounce.

A) bad users account name             B) bad domain name

C) stole file handle                 

          D) domain server is down      

53.        Adam’s Peak is located in:

A) Nepal                                          B) Iran

C) India                                           D) Sri Lanka

54.        First Pakistan Olympic Games  were inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam at:

A) Lahore                                        B) Karachi

C) East Pakistani                             D) Quetta     

55.        In Power Point, the difference between slide Design and Auto Content Wizard is.

A) Both are same                            B) Auto content Wizard is just the wizard version slide design

C) Slide Design does not provide sample content but Auto Content Wizard provides sample content tool 3

56.        Which of the following methods can not be used for entering data in MS Excel.

A) Pressing an arrow key               B) Pressing the tab key

C) Pressing the Esc key               D) Clicking on the formula bar     

57.        Harrapa is a city in Punjab about 24 km south west of.

A) Sahiwal                                    B) Multan

C) Narowal                                    D) Makran

58.        Which is volatile Memory.

A) ROM                                        B) BIOS

C) PROM                                      D) RAM

59.        Paint program keep track of every ___ placed on the screen.

A) Image                                       B) Object 

C) Pixel                                        D) Color

60.        Binary system comprised of the values 1 & 0 where 0 means:

A) On                                           B) Off

C) Start                                        D) Low

61.        World Wide Web is being standardized by.

A) World Wide corporation         B) World wide Consortium

C) W3C                                       D) World Wide Web Standard

62.         If am sixth in a queue from either end. How many people are there in the queue.

A) 11                                            B) 9

C) 12                                            D) 13

63.        When an Excel worksheet is linked to word document.

A) The word document contains a copy of the actual data B) The word document cannot be edited

C) The word documents contains are reference to the original source application

64.        In recitation of Holy Quran, there are how many occasions when Sajdah (Prostration) is obligatory for the Muslims.

A) 9                                                B) 12

C) 14                                             D) None of these 

65.        Which Angel  is appointed for providing Food.

A) Hazrat Jibraeel (AS)                 B) Hazrat Israfeel (AS)

C) Hazrat Makail (AS)               D) Hazrat Izrail (AS)

66.        7  56/100 in decimal form is:

A)7.066                                          B) 7.56 

C) 756                                            D) 7

67.        When typing character search criteria, Excel matches fields based on.

A) Alphabetical order                    B) Capitalization

C) spelling                                        D) Primary record

67.        Who was the Pakistan’s first foreign Minister.

A) Liaqat Ali Khan                           B) Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan

C) Sir Zafarullah Khan                  D) Iskander Mirza

68.        In MS Excel the intersection of columns and rows is called.

A) Data                                                B) Table

C) Cell                                                D) Schema

69.        Change the narration. He said to me, “Keep quiet and listen to me”

A) He ordered me to keep quiet and listen to his words

B) He told me to keep quiet so that I could list hid words

70.        What fraction of a cake remains when 3/8 of the cake has been eaten.

A) 2/8                                                    B) 4/5

C) 5/8                                                    D)  6/8

71.        An alloy consisting of mainly Tin Lead is called.

A) Brass                                                 B) Bronz

C) Chrome                                             D) Pevter

72.        __ of the following which one is military alliance.

A) ASEAN                                             B) NATO

C) NAFTA                                              D) CECO

73.        Who won the 50 overs men’s cricket World Cup 2015.

A) India                                                   B) West Indies

C) Pakistan                                              D) Australia

74.        “Reuters” is the agency of:

A) USA                                                    B) France

C) Britain                                                D) Russia 

75.        Muslim delegation at Simla Confrence included.

A) Jinnah and Liaqat Khan                       B) Liaqat Khan and Nazmuddin 

C) Jinnah and Nazmuddin                        D) Jinnah, Liaqat and Nazmuddin

76.        The smallest memory unit of computer is:

A) Byte                                                     B) Kilobyte 

C) Mega Byte                                           D) Bit

77.        1,9,25,49,____, 121

A) 100                                                      B) 81

C) 91                                                        D) 64  

78.        In Computer half a byte is known as.

  A) Word                                                B) Four bits

C) Nibble                                               D) All of these    

79.        Who is the current Secretary-General of SAARC.

A) Ahmad Saleem                                   B) Esala Rswean

C) Sheel Kant Sharam                            D) None of these 

ppsc past papers for data entry operator pdf

This paper will be helpful for udc,ldc paper. Prepare this paper of ppsc. ppsc is a small difficult paper.


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