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FIA LDC Past Paper 2019 with Answers

Are you searching FIA LDC Past papers with solutions? Here are LDC Past papers for the FIA test are given in written form with Answers. Lower Division Clerk Past Paper for FIA ( Federal Investigation Agency) written test. FIA LDC MCQs are given in this page.

If you not know about LDC FIA written test syllabus then read written test syllabus for LDC FIA job.

How many rivers flow in Baluchistan?Seven
On ____ 1998, Pakistan became the Nuclear Power?28 May , 1998 Chaghi Hill
Which is the National Bird of Pakistan?Chakor
In __ Pakistan People’s Party was found by Z.A Bhutto?1967
K-2 is present in which mountain range?Karakoram ,8611 Height
When Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar issued Hamdard Newspaper?1913
Name the pass which connects Abbottabad and Gilgit?Babusar Pass
In 1974 __ summit of the OIC was held at Lahore?2nd
Moenjo Daro is situated in ___? Larkana , Sindh
In 1916,Muslim League and Congress for the first time hold their joint session ?Lucknow
What is the total length of Khyber Pass?53Km ,Peshawar
Quid e Azzam Inaugurated the state Bank of Pakistan on ___ ? 1st July , 1948
In 1970 a new province ___ was established ?Baluchistan
When Pakistan joined ILO as a member?1947
In which year boundary agreement was signed between Pakistan China?1963
What is the Height of Takhat e Suleiman Peak?3300 Meter
How many deserts are there in Punjab ?2
Which range separates Baluchistan Plateau from Afghanistan?Chagi
What is the duration of National Anthem of Pakistan?80 Second
Which of the following desert is known as friendly desert? Thar
What is Nationality of J.K. Rowling author of Harry Potter?British
In which year Hilary Clinton contested Presidential elections ?2016
Which country India has deals to purchase Rafael flirter Jets?France
Daylight saving time (DST) , a system for uniformly advancing clocks especially in summer began during?
World War 1
Our body needs Vitamin D for ?a) Calcium Stored in Body,
b) Healthy Skin ,
c) Immune system Health
d) All of above
Inner Core is Earth’s center with diameter?1200 miles or
The Sahara desert covers large part of which of the following country?Algeria and Mall
Egypt and Niger
Libya and Mauritania
All of the above
When UNO officially came into existence?24 Oct 1945
Which of the following country has three capital?South Africa
Which country in the world possesses the largest territory?Russia
MFN is abbreviation of?Most Favored Nation
When Microsoft Released first Version Windows?1985
Instrument used for measuring the purity milk is called?Lactometer
How many bones an adult human is composed?206
Peace Place in the Hague, Netherland is famous for?International Court of justice
ROM stand’s for?
Read Only Memory
What is the old name of Turkey city Ankara?Angora
How many manual species have been reported to occur in Pakistan ?150
Which of the following is a correct format of Email Address?
FIA LDC past paper pattern


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