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Basically, a VPN acts as a ‘pass-through’ to connect you to the Internet. Everything on your computer that connects to the Internet will do this via VPN: games, email, music apps, whatever. All encrypted and routed through VPN. It looks a bit like this:

what is VPN

Accessing the Internet today can be a very dangerous prospect. Your IP address is publicly displayed and can be accessed by anyone. Even now, if you are reading this or communicating with anyone, regardless of whether the content is confidential business information or private information about yourself, it is very possible that someone is interfering with your communications and calls if you are not in a secure environment. network. Using SmartVPN can prevent this and keep your privacy and personal information safe. You can bypass geo-restrictions using SmartVPN. This means you will have access to VPNs all over the world, allowing you to access content in any country wherever you are. Even if you are not at home and are in another country, you will be able to patch a VPN in your country so you can continue using Youtube or any website that may be restricted. This also means that your location will be secure. Your physical location will be protected with our advanced encryption technology.


how is works

Smart DNS proxies change your Domain Name System (DNS) settings so the websites you visit think you are in the right location to access their content. DNS is the bit that translates human addresses like into internet protocol (I.P.) addresses that computers can understand, like “”. It is usually managed by private DNS servers run by your Internet Service Provider. Normally, the location of the DNS server you are using will help you choose a nearby company server (Google in this case) so you can get better speeds and related services – but it can also be used to stop your access to a service. A smart DNS will save you from this issue. Here’s a handy diagram to explain how to do it:


Application download

Download Ace Tunnel Files

ACE Tunnel File 1

ACE Tunnel File 2

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ACE Tunnel File 5

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