xSocks Injector APK Download (SSH/WS/SlowDNS/SSL)


xSocks Injector provides you with different types of Tunnel xSocks Injector is optimized to provide a stable connection. This VPN has been rebuilt to implement the HTTP, SlowDNS, and SSL proxy injection service.

xSocks Tunnel Helps provides and allows:

  • Access to Unrestricted Internet Connectivity
  • Bypass Country or Government Blocks
  • Stay anonymous and safe online
  • Block 3rd Party Trackers.
  • Allows you have Unlimited Access to the Internet.

xSocks is a TLS/SSL tunnel using xSocks tunnel for Android. This allows you to connect other applications (e.g. SSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks) through a local TCP port to a remote TLS proxy (e.g. a socks tunnel server).

xSocks Injector-is the Best VPN app on the play store, xSocks Injector tunnels SSH over SSL, or tunnel HTTP over SSH. This app lets you send customized HTTP Request Messages to the server.

xSocks Injector mobile app has been expertly developed to meet all your tweaking needs at no cost. Best free tweaking app, Download free tunnel app on play store, Tweaking apps in Nigeria, xSocks Injector app in the United States.


Technical Side of xSocks Injector:

”xSocks Injector SSL/SSH lets you send customized SNI (Server Name Indication) and even send customized HTTP Request Message to the server.”


Note on SSH Hosts: When using SSH over SSL, use an IP address instead of a hostname, because resolving host needs a legitimate connection.
Connected but cannot browse? try to remove DNS from the route by un-toggling include_dns or un-toggle vpn_dns.

Features of xSocks Injector VPN:
1)VPN over DNS
2)Route Ip
3)Import and Export Payload And Configuration
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Tunneltweak is made with:

  1. Connect Bot’s sshlib
  2. gotun2socks.

You can connect with ssh terminal, FTP client or perform automated actions with just one click! A very powerful tool for remote UNIX/Linux or Windows administrators, which helps us to handle an army of servers!

xSocks works by connecting through SSH to provide a secure mobile VPN connection that lets you access blocked websites and services.


Connected but cannot browse?
You can try to remove DNS from the route by un-toggling include_dns.

DNS Leaking?
Un-toggling include_dns will prevent DNS leaks.



Download xSocks VPN

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