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Hey, guys welcome here if you are looking for Open Tunnel APK or Open Tunnel File for Zong. You can get the app and config file for all networks here. Yes, that is true you can easily use free internet on these VPNs. If you are searching for free internet on ZONG and Jazz Network then you’re at the right place. You can use free internet on your phone for unlimited data, simply install the Open Tunnel APK and import files. Here you can get the files for Zong, Jazz, and Telenor. You can also learn how to create an Open Tunnel file?

Recently we have discussed lots of VPNs for free internet on ZONG 4G and Jazz 4G. If you want to read those articles you can simply search them on this site. Download Open Tunnel APK and try it on your Android for using free internet. You can consume unlimited free internet with this app if you are looking for settings. You can know about settings and other things. We’ve created some videos on the Open Tunnel Settings and file created you can check them below the article. We’ve also discussed hows to create an SSH account there, you can get more details in the video. Check the best alternative app, Wire Tun, this is also working now.


There are many VPNs working for free on your favourite networks Jazz and Zong, you can get every single on this website. If you are looking for the file of any VPN you can search on this site. But question is, which is the best VPN and which VPN has fast speed. Let us see, there is not any machine to check the speed of free VPN, these VPNs provides different speed for different location. It is on you to check the fast server for yourself. Don’t worry we have created the fast server files you can get all these files for free. Simply import and test all the files one by one.


Open Tunnel APK

Open Tunnel is the fastest tunnelling app for SSL and other types of VPN. Using this application you can connect to the fast SSH account and create your own VPN. This APP allows you to create the best settings for free internet and accessing things you are blocked from. If you don’t know how to use Open Tunnel APP then read the article we have previously added. So, if you are looking for Zong or Jazz then simply get the files from the link below and use them for unlimited free internet.

What is the Open Tunnel?

This is another kind of VPN that includes more detailed things. In this type of Tunnel VPN, you can create your own desired servers for accessing some things. If you have basic knowledge in host/SNI and using SSH account then you can use this VPN to create the best server for you. This VPN comes with various tools and settings you can get more details below.

Download Open Tunnel

Download Jazz Free Internet Files

Jazz tech majid file 1

Jazz tech majid file 2

Download Zong Free Internet Files

Zong tech majid 1

Zong tech majid 2


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